Tuesday 2 June 2009

Love, of the week.

Yeah, one of these again.

This week, I love a very awesome Australian actress.
She's tall, blonde and gorgeous?

Any guesses?

Well, I suppose I shall have to tell you then.

It's Portia De Rossi of course!
Okay, maybe that 'of course' wasn't really necessary. I mean, I could've meant a lot of people.

Back to the point, Portia, (born Amanda Lee Rogers) is, in my opinion, an incredible actress who is really underappreciated. Anybody who has seen Arrested Development should know what I'm talking about! She has incredible comedic time and is, generally BLOODY BRILLIANT!

On top of all this, she's out and proud, which earns massive amounts of respect from me!
For those of you who don't know, Portia is married to comedian and TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, who is also awesome.

Other shows you should watch with Portia: Ally McBeal (of course, Nelle Porter is my all-time hero.) & Better Off Ted.

P.S I want you to know that I was going to write something about Arrested Development, Wikipedia'd and messed the show up for myself! Yes, I just RUINED THE ENDING. FOR MYSELF. :'(