Thursday 31 December 2009

At the moment...

my favourite 10 songs.

#10: You Can Do Better Than Me - Death Cab For Cutie
from the album 'Narrow Stairs'
Yet another song that makes me happy I bought my "I [heart] Ben Gibbard" badge. This man is a lyrical God, and this song is just gorgeous, and so clearly from the heart.

#9: Snowfall Kinda Love - Ingrid Michaelson
not sure on the album, I have it listed as 'Everybody'.
This song reminds me of Christmas (possibly because it was featured on this year's Bones Christmas episode.) I initially checked Ingrid out after seeing her name pop up on Jenny Owen Youngs' twitter page, and this song makes me glad I did.

#8: Against All Odds - The Postal Service
from the 'Wicker Park' soundtrack
A lot of people, and I mean a lot, don't like this cover. I, however, love it too much. The arrangement and Ben's muffled vocals is just brilliant.

#7: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
from the album 'Escape'
Clearly one of the greatest songs of all time. There's not a lot more to say. Check out the version from 'Glee', too, because it's just brilliant.

#6: Hot Blooded - Foreigner
from the album 'Double Vision'
I'm back on this song! Everyone around me is so glad, I'm sure. It's just brilliant, and I love Foreigner way more than is healthy.

#5: You Know Me - Robbie Williams
from the album ' Reality Killed the Video Star'
I try really hard to not like Robbie Williams songs, but this one always seems to be on the radio when I'm in a taxi (yes, I'm lazy), and it got in my head so much that I had to download it. I'm glad I did.

#4: I Caught Myself - Paramore
from the 'Twilight' soundtrack
I didn't even know this song until I saw them live a few weeks ago, but I instantly fell for this one. It's just incredible, and Hayley Williams' voice makes me smile.

#3: Hell - Tegan & Sara
from the album 'Sainthood'
Tegan & Sara are back! The first single from the new album is awesome, with a typically T&S video. Incredible.

#2: Spitting Glass - Hearts Under Fire
not sure of EP.
I stumbled across these girls on myspace a week or so ago, and I just think they're awesome. I can't even describe them, and I refuse to, because you just need to listen to them! This song is my favourite of theirs at the moment.

#1: Keep On Tryin' - Poco
from the album 'The Ultimate Collection'
One of my favourite songs of all time, without a doubt. The song I like to start my day with, and the one I come back to every couple of weeks. Makes me smile. Simple as that.

that's all for now.

Wednesday 23 December 2009


Inspired by a facebook note. Techno.

the direct quote from the note:

"Think of 15 albums that had such a profound effect on you that they changed your life. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, kicked you in the ass, literally socked you in the gut if you know what I mean."

15 favourite albums. Ever.

1. Bleed Like Me - Garbage

Anyone who knows me, knows that Garbage are one of my two favourite bands, and in my opinion, this is their best album. Each song sticks in my head, and there's not a dud song.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Bleed Like Me, Sex Is Not The Enemy, Run Baby Run.

2. Volume One - She & Him

She & Him are basically, the coolest band around. They have an awesome 50's feel, and the low-budget production of this album doesn't take away from the absolutely perfect music.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Sentimental Heart, Got Me, I Thought I Saw Your Face Today

3. Odessey & Oracle - The Zombies

I've only recently discovered this band, after the lead singer of She & Him mentioned they were one of her favourites, and I instantly fell in love with this album. So perfect.

Favourite Songs from the Album: A Rose For Emily, This Will Be Our Year, Beechwood Park

4. Give Up - The Postal Service

My cousin put "Such Great Heights" on a mix CD for me a few years ago, and it quickly became my favourite song. After downloading the whole album, any song can still put a smile on my face. Ben Gibbard is a lyrical genius.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Such Great Heights, Clark Gable, Recycled Air

5. beautifulgarbage - Garbage

This third album was bombed by critics, who described it as too "girly". I have no idea what they meant by that, but each song on this album is truly brilliant, and the variation in style blows me away.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Can't Cry These Tears, Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), Cup of Coffee

6. Hold On Tight - Hey Monday

Being dubbed as 'the new Paramore' may put some people off, but don't let that distract you. In fact, ignore the comparisons completely. Cassadee's voice is truly incredible and after seeing them live, I'm even more in love with this band.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Josey, Obvious, Arizona

7. Common Reaction - Uh Huh Her

Uh Huh Her are definitely one of my favourite bands. Their electro, indie style is not something that would usually appeal to me, but these guys make it work by mixing it with lyrics that actually mean something.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Dance With Me, Common Reaction, Dreamer

8. Made Of Bricks - Kate Nash

This album was just so happy-go-lucky and fun to listen to, that I couldn't miss it out of my favourite albums list.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Nicest Thing, Birds, Pumpkin Soup

9. Brand New Eyes - Paramore

Paramore's highly anticipated new album, totally lives up to the hype. Definitely one of the greatest albums of 2009.

Favourite Songs from the Album: The Only Exception, All I Wanted, Brick By Boring Brick

10. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out - Panic! At The Disco

My favourite album when I was 15. Much better than anything else they did. So original and just generally brilliant.

Favourite Songs from the Album: Build God, Then We'll Talk, Camisado, I Write Sins Not Tragedies

11. (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack - Various

I was a little unsure about putting a soundtrack on here, but it's so brilliant that I couldn't ignore it's affect on me. Every song on this is incredible and I've gone a step further to download songs that aren't included on the album, but are in the film. (sidenote: if you haven't seen this film, do.)

Favourite Songs from the Album: You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates, Bad Kids - Black Lips, Us - Regina Spektor

12. One Of The Boys - Katy Perry

I've been totally in love with Katy Perry for a really long time now, and I downloaded this album when it was all available free from her myspace page. It may seem like good, poppy fun, but there's some really beautiful songs in here, and live, she blows my mind.

Favourite Songs from the Album: I'm Still Breathing, Fingerprints, Self Inflicted

13. Riot! - Paramore

Paramore's second, and massively popular album really is as good as everyone makes out it is. Gorgeous mixture of good rock songs and the occasional ballad.

Favourite Songs from the Album: We Are Broken, Crushcrushcrush, Decoy (Deluxe Edition)

14. Garbage - Garbage

Garbage's first album is still as brilliant as ever. It's rock tones combined with Shirley's dark voice, and the incredible lyrics make for a perfect rock album.

Favourite Songs from the Album:Vow, Super Vixen, Only Happy When It Rains

15. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

I remember going into town specifically to buy this on the day it came out, and it did not disappoint. Her first album is definitely her best, and each song is as good as the last.

Favourite Songs from the Album: I'm A Bomb, We're All Mad, Size Matters


I decided to write a "50 facts about myself" list.
Consider it a review of myself, as I'm typing up the new "Love of the Week" blog.

1. I like my cat way more than I like you

2. I’d quite happily live on ginger biscuits

3. My favourite drink is lemon water.

4. Whenever I drink lemon water, I feel the urge to say “why you eyein’ my lemon drink?”

5. There are at least three films that I could easily quote all the way through. Without prompting.

6. I always think I don’t like my family, until I am around them.

7. If you have ginger hair, I’ll automatically want to speak to you.

8. My natural instinct is to dislike people, and you have to prove me wrong when I meet you.

9. If Munchausen By Proxy were a real band, I would quit education and become a full time groupie.

10. I can’t hear the word “salty” without thinking of Jennifer’s Body, and more specifically, Megan Fox.

11. I actually care about politics, although quite frankly, I’m struggling to find anybody who I will vote for when I turn 18.

12. I’m vegetarian on alternate years (only because my mother will not allow this all the time.)

13. I keep trying to be healthy, but I’m the laziest person I know.

14. I don’t like Simon Amstell. At all.

15. If you say bad things about anyone I admire, I will fully argue with you.

16. There are only three reasons I ever cry.

17. One of those reasons is animal abuse/ neglect. I’m not sharing the other two.

18. I’ve been waiting to get my tattoo for a really long time, but I’m a complete wuss.

19. I can manage to find at least one song I like by every band or artist you could name. Yes, every one.

20. Cats are my favourite animals, but I feel like that’s not cool enough, so I generally tell people my second favourite is my number one.

21. My second favourite animal is a Koala. If you call it a Koala Bear, I will not be pleased.

22. If you make a Twilight reference when I tell you my name is Rosalie, I will be very tempted not to speak to you ever again.

23. Bones is actually my favourite TV show. For so many reasons.

24. I am still annoyed at the cancellations of Arrested Development, Veronica Mars and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

25. I care far too much about TV.

26. The Wizard of Oz is pretty much my favourite film.

27. I did all my Christmas shopping this year in 45 minutes. Score.

28. I’d rather listen to Garbage or She & Him than any other band.

29. I recently discovered The Zombies, and quite honestly, I love them.

30. I love Soy Vanilla Lattes, because I am a pretentious LA-style snob.

31. I plan to one day, be an official pretentious LA snob.

32. I would rather have been born about 10 years earlier than I was.

33. I have far too many celebrity obsessions/crushes.

34. I could talk for hours about the fact that it would be impossible for paper to beat rock.

35. Every time I see a manhole in the road, I think of Ninja Turtles.

36. Every Christmas present I’ve bought this year is utterly ridiculous.

37. I’m insanely proud of fact #36

38. I can’t sleep in a different room to my iPod. I’m not 100% sure why.

39. “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service, “A Rose For Emily” by The Zombies, “Vow” by Garbage, “Sentimental Heart” by She & Him and “I’m Still Breathing” by Katy Perry are my favourite songs ever.

40. I seriously adore Catherine Tate.

41. I spend too much of my time on the Internet, when I could be doing useful things.

42. I don’t ever do useful things.

43. I take English Language & Literature, Film Studies, Psychology and History A Levels. I fucking hate History.

44. People who can’t spell annoy me. I don’t care if it’s not your fault, it will still annoy me.

45. The one thing I hate more than anything, is when people use the word “ignorant” to mean rude. However, the irony amuses me.

46. I refuse to ever be ashamed of anything I like. This goes for music, TV, film etc.

47. I have the worst laugh ever.

48. I enjoy singing badly. Which is good, because I’m unable to sing well.

49. Right now, I feel the urge to watch Not Another Teen Movie.

50. This was far too difficult. I’m pretty sure I should be able to come up with 50 Facts about myself.

oh, and a 51st, just because...

51. My best friend is the only person I make advance plans with, and intend to actually keep them.

Saturday 19 December 2009

It's the most.... wonderful? time of the year.


So... you may well be aware that it's almost Christmas.
It would seem I was not aware of this. At least, that's my excuse for not having bought any gifts yet.

I'm here to recommend Christmas films. There's a grand total of FIVE decent holiday films, in my opinion, so I'd like to share them with you.

#1 - Elf.
Elf is perfect. It's funny, it's sweet, and it has Zooey Deschanel.
Plus, it actually has an awesome message about Christmas spirit, without getting too serious, which I appreciate.

#2 - Bad Santa.
Bad Santa makes me smile like a lunatic. It makes me laugh, far too much, and it has incredibly awkward sex scenes with a girl with a Santa fetish. The fact that the girl is Lauren Graham, makes it that little bit funnier. Not your typical Christmas film, but I love it.

#3 - Love, Actually
If you've seen it, you know why. If you haven't, you should.

#4 - The Grinch
Just, one of the most brilliant Christmas films around.

#5 - Secret Santa
Possibly the stupidest movie on this list, and definitely the one you're least likely to have heard of. However, it has a sweet story and your typical happy ending that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, Jennie Garth.

Also, I just had a realisation about a blog I posted back in September. I wrote about the best fictional couples I could think of (here) and I just realised that I missed one of my all-time favourite TV couples. Needless to say, I am disgusted with myself.
The couple I am referring to?
Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes. One of the cutest couple I can think of, and in one of my favourite TV shows ever, Gilmore girls! Like I said, disgusted with myself.


Sunday 6 December 2009

10 songs that you should be listening to.

Another one of my 'favourite songs of the moment' lists. Slightly more detail this time, which I'm thinking will be permanent. I'm also pretty sure that including album artwork is going to be a permanent feature too. Hopefully, you'll give these songs a listen and like at least one of them.

#10 : Someday - Steve Earle
from the album 'Guitar Town'

Okay, I'm willing to admit that the first time I heard this song, it was the very short version that Zooey Deschanel's character sings with her class, in the movie 'Bridge to Terabithia'. Because that version is so insanely brilliant, I was expecting the original to match up. In my opinion, it didn't, but it's still brilliant. Pleasing to the ears.

" Someday I'm finally gonna let go
'Cause I know there's a better way
And I wanna know what's over that rainbow

I'm gonna get out of here someday "

#9: Don't Lie - The Black Eyed Peas
from the album 'Monkey Business'

I love everything about this song. It's the quintessential Black Eyed Peas song in my opinion. It has catchy lyrics, a beat that you wont even realise you're tapping your foot too, and it has genuine sentiment.

"In my book of lies I was the editor
And the author

I forged my signature"

#8: Sock Hop - All-Time Quarterback
from the album 'All-Time Quarterback'

This song, is just incredible. It has the rough sound of a demo, and tells a very simple story of a boy taking a girl to the sock hop. See? Simple. All-Time Quarterback is an solo side project of Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard, meaning that it was, of course, going to be incredible. This song is my favourite from the album, purely because it's short and sweet.

"It was the first two weeks of autumn
I kissed you on the cheek and gave you flowers out of season"

#7: Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
from the album 'Wheatus'

Make fun of me if you want, but try and deny that when this song came out you loved it. You sang it, you knew all the words, you put on the girly voice at the end. You know you did. I found myself singing it the other day, and my love for this band has been officially reignited. Perfect song for all the teenage dirtbags out there. You know who you are.

"Man I feel like mould
It's prom night and I am lonely.

Lo and behold
She's walking over to me."

#6: In Too Deep - SUM41
from the album 'All Killer, No Filler'

Okay, once again, I realise this track is from when I was 11. That doesn't stop me loving it a bit too much. I found the album the other day in my CD collection and decided to put the whole thing on my iPod. This song is just too brilliant, and it reminds me of the old school pop-punk, in the days before Fall Out Boy, etc. We're talking Weezer & Blink 182.

"Seems like each time I'm with you
I lose my mind,

Because I'm bending over backwards to relate"

#5: What Katie Said - The Matches
from the album 'Decomposer'

My friend sent me this song, and I kind of ignored it for a while, until it came up on shuffle a week or two ago, and I really listened to it for the first time and realised just how good it is. Once I actually paid attention to the lyrics, this song meant so much more to me, and everytime I listen to it I love it that little bit more.

"You've always been the latest thing to be
With your guestlist girls and their listless pleas
Hear hear, three cheers for your apathy"

#4: Carrie Anne - The Hollies
from the album 'Evolution'

I decided to listen to this song after finding out that it was the reason behind actress Carrie Anne Moss' name. However, as soon as I played it, I realised that I already knew it! It's just such a brilliant song, that's been stuck in my head for the past week!

"You're always something special to me
Quite independent never caring
You lost your charm as you were aging

Where is your magic dissappearing"

#3: Why Can't We Be Friends? - War
from the album 'Why Can't We Be Friends?'

This is a song that everybody knows, even if you don't know you know it. Again, I heard the version in Bridge To Terabithia sung by Zooey & Class, and thought it was awesome. This time, the original obviously matches up. Just such a brilliant, simple song that repeats the phrase 'why can't we be friends?' over forty times in under four minutes.

"Why can't we be friends?"

#2: Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs
from the album 'Batten The Hatches'

Jenny Owen Youngs is awesome. It's that simple. This song tells the age old story of convincing yourself that your relationship with somebody notoriously awful in relationships will not end with you getting hurt. Don't be silly. Of course it will. What the fuck were you thinking?

"and I'm having some trouble just breathing.
If we werent such good friends I think that I'd hate you.
If we weren't such good friends I'd wish you were dead"

#1: I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - She & Him
from the album 'Volume One'

She & Him are one of my all-time favourite bands. They have a style unlike anybody else around at the moment. Listening to them makes me feel like I'm in the 50s, but everything has a slightly modern-day twist. This song explores a break up, in retrospect. It, quite honestly, shows that the memories can be just as real as the relationship itself, if not more so. The whistle solo doesn't help either.
"The cars and freeways implore me to stay way out of this place
My mother said just keep your head and play it as it plays"

Other loves this week;
- The Postal Service
- Flakes (incredible indie film)
- Inside Out - The Mighty Lemon Drops

Thursday 26 November 2009

I figured that

seeing as I'd written a blog about my favourite fictional couples, (here) that I'd try and write a blog about my favourite real life (celebrity) couples. Obviously not just random couples I know, because most of those are fuck-ups.

#10 : Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka:
incredibly adorable, and David's guest spots on How I Met Your Mother make me laugh every time

#9: Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx
too perfect for words. Why nobody ever made this connection beforehand, I do not know

#8 : Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy
absolutely adorable, and all the charity work they do, especially to benefit children with autism (find the charity here) is incredible.

#7: Hayley Williams & Chad Gilbert
what can I say? Musical heaven.

#6: Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
hilarity. and Amy's guest spots on Arrested Development as Will's nameless spur-of-the-moment wife made me love them more, as did their portrayal of a brother/sister ice-skating team in Blades of Glory

#5: Katy Perry & Russell Brand
I was skeptical at first, but upon seeing pictures, Russell's column and their tweeting interaction, I've decided they're awesome together. So sue me.

#4: Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli
I mean, LOOK at them. I've loved Jennie literally all my life, and these two are so perfect (and insanely attractive!)

#3: Portia De Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres
It's difficult to sum up why they're so perfect until you see them. They're adorable, they're always laughing, and the "De Rossi, DeGeneres. De Interview" video, is actually one of the funniest things ever.

#2: Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli
She was 19 when they got married, and he's a prince. Making them actual royalty. Which is obviously awesome. Plus, the movie "Fix" proves that they're the perfect team.

#1: Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard
Dear God, the perfect couple! Both insanely talented. Both way too cool, musical and if you watch the video of them singing "Dream" (originally by The Everly Brothers) you should really understand what makes them this brilliant. The picture doesn't show Ben too clearly, but I can't find a more adorable one.

Trust me people, these are the couples that are awesome. Don't quote me though, because love is fickle, but I hope all of these last forever, because they just seem... happy.

And, they didn't make the top ten but;
  • Bridget McManus & Karman Kregloe
  • Louise Delamere & Stephen Mangan
  • Sharon Horgan & Jeremy Rainbird
  • Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow
Probably more but I forgot, sorry.

peace and love and all that jazz, xo

Monday 23 November 2009


Right now, my top tens.

Bands/Musicians :

10. illScarlett
9. Angelfish
7. Uh Huh Her
6. The Postal Service
6. Paramore
5. Hey Monday
4. Cobra Starship
3. Katy Perry
2. She & Him
1. Garbage

Songs :

10. Love Me Like The World Is Ending - Ben Lee
9. Josey - Hey Monday
8. Hot Blooded - Foreigner
7. Claustrophobia - Choir Of Young Believers
6. Only You (Imogen Heap Remix) - Joshua Radin
5. Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
4. Uh Huh - Munchausen By Proxy
3. The Only Exception - Paramore
2. Keep On Tryin' - Poco
1. Hackensack - Katy Perry (I wouldn't usually include a cover, but wow)

TV Shows :

10. Modern Family
9. Gilmore Girls
8. Veronica Mars
7. How I Met Your Mother
6. 30 Rock
5. Better Off Ted
4. Family Guy
3. House
2. Chelsea Lately
1. Bones

Films :

10. Jennifer's Body
9. Bad Santa
8. Juno
7. The Matrix
6. Memento
5. Wristcutters: A Love Story
4. Aberdeen
3. Imagine Me & You
2. FIX
1. (500) Days Of Summer

Others :

10. Katy Perry's Unplugged Album
9. Gossip Girl (mainly Leighton Meester)
8. The fact that I have Cobra Starship tickets :D
7. Carrie-Anne Moss, in general
6. Booth's Pop from "Bones"
5. Models, Inc.
4. Mystery Google
3. The fact that the episode of Bones with Zooey is on, really soon
2. The fact that I see Paramore really soon