Saturday 17 October 2009

Love of The Week.

I actually have two this week.
I have one short little section, and one OFFICIAL love of the week. I know, it's exciting stuff.

First up, and I apologise now if I come off as a total creep at any point, I'll address Kristen Anne Bell.
You may know Kristen as Veronica Mars, Elle Bishop, Sarah Marshall or the Voice of Gossip Girl. Maybe you know her as something else, maybe you don't know her. All you truly need to know is that she is incredible.
Kristen is adorable. She's blonde, she's petite, her voice makes me smile and she has the ability to make me laugh at all times. I actually squeal when I see her. (Not all the time, just if it's unexpected or on first appearance).
I fail to find fault with this woman, and if you think you can, I'm interested to know if you're taking your meds.

Follow Kristen on Twitter Here.

And now, for my REAL love of the week. I know, I know, who can top Kristen?
The answer to that question, my friends, is Melanie Jayne Lynskey!

This might sound bad, but chances are, you've seen Melanie Lynskey in something and not realised it. I'll admit that by the time I really paid attention to her, I'd already seen her in four films and a season of Two & Half Men.
You'll probably know her as Charlie's adorable but insane... admirer, Rose. I maintain that she's not a stalker, because she's incredibly open about it.
The more awesome amongst you will know her from the movies "Heavenly Creatures" or "But I'm a Cheerleader". You may even recognize her from her roles in "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Coyote Ugly" (which is a favourite of mine, just FYI).
You might even know her as Clea Mason, Alice's almost-affair in The L Word.
Starting to click in yet?
See, like I said. You've probably seen her, and not realised. I hope you will next time you watch one of the above.

Well, I should explain why I love her I guess. What you have to understand about Melanie Lynskey is that, she's just too good for words. I know that that's not useful for a blog, but she really is. She's pretty adorable, and I often find out random facts about her that make me smile. I'm totally referring to the fact that she's friends with EMILY ERIN DESCHANEL. (Although my feelings on the Deschanels are for a whole other blog!) She takes the time to reply to her fans on twitter, she seems intelligent (I say seems, because I can only assume) and generally seems like a really incredible person.

This blog was prompted by her knowledge, and opinion of the recent Daily Mail outrage, regarding Jan Moir's article on the death of Stephen Gately. Honestly, it just makes me happy that people care about these things, and it boosted the respect I have for her.

I really don't know what more to write, as I said, there are no words for this woman. I just need to inform you all of her greatness, because... well, because you need to know who she is, you're missing out.

Follow Melanie on Twitter Here.

Til next time, stay awesome, send me suggestions and drink lots of water. Seriously guys, it's winter, and cold/ flu is everywhere. Drink water and get enough Vitamin C.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Another Song Recommendation Thingy :)

I realised I hadn't shared my favourite songs in a while, so here I am!
I'm going to put a little "*" next to the ones you really NEED to listen to :)

#10 : Where Were You? - Every Avenue

Awesomeee! & I'm seeing them on Monday night! Yay me :)

#9 : Too Fake - Hockey

Brilliant! & Free Single on iTunes this week, so go and download it instantly.

#8 : The Only Exception - Paramore*

So insanely cute. Hayley Williams is incredible, and I'd like to seriously suggest that you all (legally) download the "Brand New Eyes" album!

#7 : Homecoming - Hey Monday

This song is just brilliant, and as with #10, I'm seeing this band on Monday night!

#6 : Next Contestant - Nickelback*

I'm not a huge Nickelback fan but there's something about this song that is just so good! Maybe it's because it reminds me of Bones, I don't know

#5 : Sweet Ballad - Munchausen By Proxy

Okay, okay, maybe they're a fake band. Doesn't stop me loving them! (from the movie "Yes Man")

#4 : Her Eyes - Pat Monahan*

Beautiful song, and includes my new favourite lyric "she's not afraid, she just lies to use her nightlight".

#3 : Thirteen - Garbage

One of the best covers I've ever heard, and Shirley's voice just sounds lovely!

#2 : Sentimental Heart - She & Him*

I love, love, LOVE this band & this song pretty much sums up why. (Also try - Sweet Darlin')

#1 : Short Skirt/ Long Jacket - Cake*

One word: perfection.

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

Just, beautiful, and awesome!

I couldn't really be bothered with descriptions, but I think if you listen, you should realise why I love them!

As usual, if you've got any recommendations for me, let me know.
I'll review Monday night's gig on Tuesday!