Wednesday 31 December 2008

'Love Of The Week' : Veronica Mitchell

From now on, my 'reviews' will basically be telling you what my "Love Of The Week" is. My love of the week is something I've started keeping track of on my MSN name and Bebo page. It can be anything or anyone, and this week, it's Veronica 'Ronnie' Mitchell.

Who is Ronnie?: For those of you who don't know, Ronnie Mitchell is a fictional character in the soap opera Eastenders. She is a member of the infamous Mitchell family, and is portrayed by the lovely Samantha Janus, who some people may know as the performer of the United Kingdom's 1991 Eurovision entry, 'Message To Your Heart'. (Then again, maybe not!)

Since appearing in the soap in July 2007, she's provided many reasons to love her, and is only second to Tanya Branning in my favourite characters list.

Why do I love her? I believe that this quote from Diederick Santer, creator of Ronnie's character, explains, "They may be glamorous young women, but these girls are Mitchells and have all the strength of character and unique moral code the name implies."

When Santer says "they", he is referring to Ronnie and her younger sister, Roxy. The two were introduced in a bid to 'liven up' the show, and have definitely done so!

I was initially sceptical about the arrival of the Mitchell sister, but will happily admit I was wrong.

Why I love Ronnie:

Here's a few reasons I love Veronica Mitchell;
  • her strength
  • her commitment to her sister
  • her attitude
  • her dress sense (it is a valid reason, goddamn it!)
  • Sam Janus' incredible performances
  • she held an 80's themed night at her nightclub, and looked awesome!
Ronnie's been through a particularly tough time lately. It was revealed that she had a daughter at the age of 14, and was pressured by her father, Archie, to have her child adopted. He revealed recently that Ronnie's daughter had died. The viewers are aware that this is a lie, and we have seen Ronnie have many arguments with real daughter, Danielle. Of course, Ronnie is unaware of their connection.
Ronnie has attempted to contact her daughter's father, only for Archie to find, and destroy his reply.

Also a blow to Ronnie, was her Christmas Day discovery that on/off boyfriend Jack, was the father of her niece, Amy. As I have vowed to myself that I will always be truthful in this blog, I'll admit here that watching the scene where Ronnie first heard of this betrayal by Roxy and Jack, I did feel a little teary. The actors in the show are (generally) of such a high quality, that it is hard to not feel for the characters!

What's next for Ronnie?: If you watch the show, and don't want to see spoilers, look away... well, now really.

Well, as far as I know, Roxy's husband attempts to kill himself, his wife and Amy. From what I've read, Ronnie manages to save Roxy (unsure of hubby's fate).

Danielle has a job interview at Ronnie's nightclub, R&R. The interview doesn't go well, and Ronnie advises Danielle to move back home. Danielle runs away crying, and Ronnie follows her, concerned.

I've also heard that Danielle is pregnant (hence the crying) and I'm hoping she's going to make her big confession to Ronnie. I'd really like these two to build something.

Also rumoured is that Ronnie will develop some kind of relationship with Jack's brother, Max. I seriously, seriously hope not

Another rumour is that, in 2009, Ronnie & Roxy discover they have a secret brother. I came up with that storyline weeks ago, so I'd like some money from the BBC.

What I'd like to see happen to her next:
  • build a relationship with estranged daughter, Danielle
  • permanently break up with Jack
  • get a new love interest!

Above: Ronnie threatens Danielle after her friend soaks Ronnie.
But doesn't she look great in her 80s get up?

Thursday 11 December 2008

Movie: "The Children"

I went to see "The Children" on Tuesday night at my local cinema.
The film is a British Horror (no groans, give it a chance!) with a seemingly basic plot.

Here's the short version. Woman #1 and her husband take the kids to stay with her sister, Woman #2, her husband and their kids. It's a few days after Christmas. The kids start being weird, the next thing you know, they're killing everyone.

Now, I know that that sounds pretty crappy, but the long version is much better.
However, I'm not going to ruin it, as I think you should watch the movie. You'll have to deal with the as far as plot goes.

The acting by these young children was amazing. They were amazing, and it was the first big performance for three of them. Hannah Tointon (Casey) is much better than I would've given her credit for hearing she's a former Hollyoaks cast member.

However, I believe that because this is a child-based film (title says it all), the acting by the four "grown-ups" isn't being appreciated. As a huge fan of Rachel Shelley anyway, I'll happily say that she didn't disappoint. Having only ever seen Eva Birthistle in 'Imagine Me & You', it was great to see her in a more serious role (it is hard to be 'ecstatic' when your children are trying to kill you).
Stephen Campbell Moore and Jeremy Sheffield were also fantastic, as usual. But enough about the acting!

I thought the story was going to be predictable and boring, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
However, I do believe that the film's original title "The Day" would have been much more fitting!

Great plot, great acting and plenty of gore! Right up my street.
Basically, I think it's worth a watch :)