Thursday 26 November 2009

I figured that

seeing as I'd written a blog about my favourite fictional couples, (here) that I'd try and write a blog about my favourite real life (celebrity) couples. Obviously not just random couples I know, because most of those are fuck-ups.

#10 : Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka:
incredibly adorable, and David's guest spots on How I Met Your Mother make me laugh every time

#9: Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx
too perfect for words. Why nobody ever made this connection beforehand, I do not know

#8 : Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy
absolutely adorable, and all the charity work they do, especially to benefit children with autism (find the charity here) is incredible.

#7: Hayley Williams & Chad Gilbert
what can I say? Musical heaven.

#6: Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
hilarity. and Amy's guest spots on Arrested Development as Will's nameless spur-of-the-moment wife made me love them more, as did their portrayal of a brother/sister ice-skating team in Blades of Glory

#5: Katy Perry & Russell Brand
I was skeptical at first, but upon seeing pictures, Russell's column and their tweeting interaction, I've decided they're awesome together. So sue me.

#4: Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli
I mean, LOOK at them. I've loved Jennie literally all my life, and these two are so perfect (and insanely attractive!)

#3: Portia De Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres
It's difficult to sum up why they're so perfect until you see them. They're adorable, they're always laughing, and the "De Rossi, DeGeneres. De Interview" video, is actually one of the funniest things ever.

#2: Olivia Wilde & Tao Ruspoli
She was 19 when they got married, and he's a prince. Making them actual royalty. Which is obviously awesome. Plus, the movie "Fix" proves that they're the perfect team.

#1: Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard
Dear God, the perfect couple! Both insanely talented. Both way too cool, musical and if you watch the video of them singing "Dream" (originally by The Everly Brothers) you should really understand what makes them this brilliant. The picture doesn't show Ben too clearly, but I can't find a more adorable one.

Trust me people, these are the couples that are awesome. Don't quote me though, because love is fickle, but I hope all of these last forever, because they just seem... happy.

And, they didn't make the top ten but;
  • Bridget McManus & Karman Kregloe
  • Louise Delamere & Stephen Mangan
  • Sharon Horgan & Jeremy Rainbird
  • Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow
Probably more but I forgot, sorry.

peace and love and all that jazz, xo

Monday 23 November 2009


Right now, my top tens.

Bands/Musicians :

10. illScarlett
9. Angelfish
7. Uh Huh Her
6. The Postal Service
6. Paramore
5. Hey Monday
4. Cobra Starship
3. Katy Perry
2. She & Him
1. Garbage

Songs :

10. Love Me Like The World Is Ending - Ben Lee
9. Josey - Hey Monday
8. Hot Blooded - Foreigner
7. Claustrophobia - Choir Of Young Believers
6. Only You (Imogen Heap Remix) - Joshua Radin
5. Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
4. Uh Huh - Munchausen By Proxy
3. The Only Exception - Paramore
2. Keep On Tryin' - Poco
1. Hackensack - Katy Perry (I wouldn't usually include a cover, but wow)

TV Shows :

10. Modern Family
9. Gilmore Girls
8. Veronica Mars
7. How I Met Your Mother
6. 30 Rock
5. Better Off Ted
4. Family Guy
3. House
2. Chelsea Lately
1. Bones

Films :

10. Jennifer's Body
9. Bad Santa
8. Juno
7. The Matrix
6. Memento
5. Wristcutters: A Love Story
4. Aberdeen
3. Imagine Me & You
2. FIX
1. (500) Days Of Summer

Others :

10. Katy Perry's Unplugged Album
9. Gossip Girl (mainly Leighton Meester)
8. The fact that I have Cobra Starship tickets :D
7. Carrie-Anne Moss, in general
6. Booth's Pop from "Bones"
5. Models, Inc.
4. Mystery Google
3. The fact that the episode of Bones with Zooey is on, really soon
2. The fact that I see Paramore really soon

Monday 2 November 2009

Love of The Week!!

It's a joint one again. Only this time, they're relevant to each other. More than relevant, in fact, related.

I feel that it's finally time to write the blog I've been avoiding, the blog where I talk about the incredible actresses, singers, pretty ladies and all round superstars (without the status), that I like to refer to as "The Sisters Deschanel".

Starting, logically enough, with the eldest of the two:

Emily Erin Deschanel is an actress and producer, probably best known as Dr. Temperance Brennan on the FOX show "Bones". Oh, I do love Bones.
Emily is incredible for so many reasons, she's adorable, she's incredibly talented, she seems sweeter than a mountain of sugar and she's prettypretty.
Plus, there's all the bonus points;
  • has awesome friends (Liz Feldman & Melanie Lynskey, anyone?)
  • she has a seriously good voice! (check out Bones episode - Wannabe In The Weeds)
  • she's vegan, and massively into animal rights
  • she has the same birthday as Gabe Saporta (I know this isn't a real reason, but still)
  • she still attempts to convince her little sister that she's an alien who was sent here to kill her
  • she was in the FunnyOrDie slumber party sketch, wearing a jewel encrusted bra
  • she looks good in a jewel encrusted bra
  • she watches crime shows before bed, and scares herself out of sleep (this is a reason, because I do this too)
  • she was in Boogeyman
  • when I watched Spiderman 2, 5 years ago, I had no idea who she was, in her 2 minute role, but I said she was cute
  • she lived on Hooker Street (makes me giggle)
  • cutest bloopers ever come from this girl!
  • and lastly, "Everything I know about makeup, I've learned from my sister."

and now, about the aforementioned sister:

Zooey Claire Deschanel, is an actress and singer, known for her roles in "Elf", "Yes Man", "The Happening" and my personal favourite, "(500) Days of Summer". According to Zooey, the fact that it's impossible to have 500 days of Summer, doesn't matter, because the 500 is "in PARENTHESIS".
Zooey is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable people you will see in your life. She's also an awesome actress, and the lead singer of one of my favourite bands, She & Him.
Zooey's bonus points, I hear you ask? Well;
  • is married to Ben Gibbard. (Death Cab For Cutie, and The Postal Service)
  • manages to make a film I hate, worth a second watch (The Good Girl would fail without Zooey's deadpan humour)
  • is friends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • provided a voice for the movie "Surf's Up". Word.
  • "weaves in and out" of being a vegetarian
  • squealed when she got bitten by a puppet of a shark.
  • was named after the male protagonist in J.D Salinger's "Franny & Zooey"
  • was in the fake band "Munchausen by Proxy" - youtube it.
  • was in "Tin Man".
  • the episode where she guest voiced on "The Simpsons", makes me smile
  • she looks cute dressed as Hermoine Granger

Oh, and then there's the JOINT reasons;
  • Dodgers fans.
Yeah, alright... that might be it for the joint ones, other than the fact that, as far as I can see, they seem to genuinely love each other. They often take each other to parties, premieres etc, and when Emily was on the Late Late Show, she quickly said "you had my sister on!"

And now, Zooey will be guest starring in the Christmas episodes of Bones this year. It'll be airing in the U.S on December 10th, and it should be in the U.K shortly after. She'll be playing a relative of her sister's character, and I'm insanely excited. Win.

Basically, I love The Sisters Deschanel, they're truly incredible.
And I didn't even mention their director father Caleb, and adorable actress mother, Mary Jo. Thank you Caleb, thank you Mary Jo. You guys totally own!

Until my next blog, keep obsessing, watch stuff with those two in, listen to She & Him, and be nice to animals.
You know you love me. XOXO.