Thursday 9 July 2009

A list, not a review. But bear with me :)

See, it's sort of a review. It's a review of people who inspire me & why.
It's a review of people I REALLY like, and who have done something important, and something I recognise as being awesome.
It's a review, of, well of stuff.
Just read the goddamn thing.

1) Claire, for still being there for me when I needed her, even though I haven't spoken to her properly for over 18 months, for making me smile and trying hard to boost my confidence, for knowing me too well and for actually saying "eeh" like a proper Geordie!!

2) Holly, for making me smile a lot, for always seeming happy (I've literally never seen her not bubbly), for always singing my name and refusing to just say it, for not actually knowing that "Rosie" is short for something, for saying she's fat when she's BLOODY NOT!, for being like 40 foot tall and for helping me when she barely knew it.

3) T.W, for being patient with me and not killing me, for not pushing me to tell her when there was something wrong, but listening if I wanted to, for just sitting with me when I was crying my eyes out and for making me not hate something I hated before.

4&5) Mel & Mel, for standing up for me when that twat tried to stop me being a prefect. Other stuff too, but that stands out as being awesome. :')

6,7,8&9) Laura, Ruvimbo, Carrie & Abi, for being completely brilliant friends that I can rely on, for making me smile when I don't want to, for understanding my ridiculous obsessions, and for being as lame as I am.

and last but most definitely not least,

10) Gill, for making me smile, for making me feel better about myself when I feel shit, for not sugar coating it (whatever 'it' is), for being totally completely awesome ;), for REALLY introducing me to the amazingness of Winona Ryder, for actually saying the words "I've just been talking to Gabe about you" (not that it weirded me out), for being such a nerd and for anything else that I've forgotten.

Those are the people that have been pretty important to me, especially this year which has been, quite frankly, shit. If you don't like them, you should...
end of.