Monday 26 January 2009

Loooove of the Week...

It seems like forever since I wrote the last one. Not that you'd know. Who am I even blogging this to?
Also, this will be written rather distractedly, as I'm watching Maura Tierney's last episode of ER, and I'm a little teary...
Hmm, anyway.
Question: What do I LOVE this week?
Answer: Mr & Mrs Smith

What is Mr & Mrs Smith?: well, to clear up any misunderstandings, I am not talking about the movie with Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. No sir. I am talking about the 1996 television series, starring Scott Bakula & Maria Bello.

Mr & Mrs Smith (not their real names, of course), were spies. They were basically just a spy partnership, who were not allowed to share any personal information with each other. Obviously, that's going to work, because their spies. What one doesn't share, the other will find out.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after 1 season, and left many loose ends, well, loose!

Why do I love it?: for one, Maria Bello. I mean, Jolie can never beat out the Bello!
Also, the show was generally awesome, particularly for someone who likes that kind of thing (i.e. me) The way little pieces of information were revealed throughout the course of the show was amazing. It always left me wondering what they were going to find out next. From Mrs Smith's high school yearbook and her identity bracelet, to Mr Smith's 'awesome fake accent', and the fact that he sucked at hiding secrets.
And FYI, in case anyone wants spoilers:
Mr Smith - Real Name: Jerry Rawlins
Mrs Smith - Real Name: Rebecca Wenzel

What's next for it?: NOTHING! Stupid TV cancelled an awesome show.

What would I like to see?: Release on DVD please? Thank you (:


Music: Have Heart, The Jealous Girlfriends, Uh Huh Her!
Movies: Towelhead, Aberdeen, Assault On Precinct 13
TV: The L Word, 30 Rock, 90210
Other: I just started reading Of Mice & Men, Brunch With Bridget, Maeve Quinlan

P.S - In this episode of ER that I am so not crying at, I'm psyched! Each doctor puts the name tag from their locker up on a wall, and I freaked out when I saw "Del Amico". BRING BACK ANNA! Even if only for one minute in the last ever episode.

Monday 19 January 2009

Love Of The Week...

This week's love is slightly different to the others, in that this blog wont have all the regular categories. This week, it's a movie!

Love of the week: The Jane Austen Book Club

What is it?: The Jane Austen Book Club is the 2007 film adaptation of the 2004 Novel of the same name. The novel was penned by Karen Joy Fowler, and focuses on six Californians, who arrange the perfect 'antidote to life', an "All Austen, All The Time" book club.

Each member is responsible for a novel, and a meeting is held each month. Over the six months, the audience see the characters change and grow, and we see them realise the things we have known all along.

The club consists of;
  • Jocelyn - happily unmarried dog breeder
  • Sylvia - recently dumped by her husband
  • Allegra - Sylvia's lesbian daughter
  • Bernadette - a six-time divorcee
  • Prudie - "a French teacher who's never been to France"
  • Grigg - a sci-fi fan and 'Austen Virgin'

As the months pass, each of the members show characteristics similar to those of Austen's characters and reacts to their lives in much the same way their fictional counterparts would. Bernadette is the mother figure who longs to see everyone find happiness. Sylvia clings to her belief in love and devotion. Jocelyn denies her own feelings for Grigg while playing matchmaker for him and Sylvia. Prudie, with her inattentive husband Dean and a free-spirited, weed-smoking, hippie mother, desperately tries not to give in to her feelings for a student. Allegra, an adventurous young girl, who tends to meet her lovers whilst risking her life. Grigg is attracted to Jocelyn and is stunned by her apparent lack of interest in him, displayed through her reluctance to read Ursula K. Le Guin novels.

Why do I love it?: The Jane Austen Book Club, really is a movie that I could (and no doubt will) watch time and time again, and never get bored. Knowing the ending will never ruin it for me.

It is, when it comes down to it, a romance. I, for one, am not entirely sure why romance films are frowned upon. When written, acted and directed well, romance movies can be amazing.
I'm not saying that this is the best movie you'll ever see, I'm just saying that it's a sweet film, it's a nice film, and it's one I'll definitely be watching again.

Cast List:

Main Cast:

Maria Bello - Jocelyn
Amy Brenneman - Sylvia
Kathy Baker - Bernadette
Hugh Dancy - Grigg
Emily Blunt - Prudie
Maggie Grace - Allegra

Supporting Cast:

Jimmy Smits: Daniel
Kevin Zegers - Trey
Parisa Fitz-Henley - Corinne
Gwendoline Yeo - Dr. Yep
Marc Blucas - Dean
Lynn Redgrave - 'Mama Sky'

Also a major plus, there is not one dud performance in this film. I was familiar with many of the main cast beforehand, the only leading role actor I was unfamiliar with being Maggie Grace. I am glad to say that there were no disappointments in regard to performances. (note: I just realised that sounds kind of dodgy, but I kept it in anyway.)

Oh, and Hugh Dancy is totally from the same place as me, so that's awesome!

Oh and my new thing is recommendations, so here goes...

Movies: The Jane Austen Book Club (of course), Thank You For Smoking and Role Models
Music: Florence And The Machine, Jenny Owen Youngs, The Sound Of Arrows and Gavin Portland (I stole two of Raimy's there, I admit)
TV: How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Project Runway and The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Other/ Online: THIS!, Liz Feldman, find me stuff to recommend.

Monday 12 January 2009

Love Of The Week...

Hey hey heyyyy!
It's that time again... and this week's love is... Lily Allen!

Who is Lily Allen?: Lily Rose Beatrice Allen is a singer/songwriter, and the host of her own BBC chat show, Lily Allen and Friends. Her style is classed mainly as 'Mockney'. She has so far released only one album 'Alright, Still' and her second, 'It's Not Me, It's You', is due to be released in both the UK and the US this February.

Why do I love her?: I love Lily's music because it is literally one of those 'she's saying what you're thinking' kind of experiences. Her songs are wonderful, and she's made her comeback with 'The Fear', which, in my opinion is one of her greatest to date!

Her chatshow is also amazing, and the rumours that it will not be returning for a second series sadden me!

What's next for Lily?: The release of her new album, and her upcoming tour! Yay!

What I hope to see for Lily: Her new album do as well as the last, and for her to remain on the right track!

Sunday 4 January 2009

Love Of The Week: Uh Huh Her

It's me again, telling you about my love of this week. I know you're simply
dying to find out what I've chosen this week... unless you read the blog title of course. That's right, this weeks love, UH HUH HER! Who are Uh Huh Her?: Uh Huh Her, according to Wikipedia, are an 'indietronic' band. I prefer not to class them as one genre, as they're far too creative for that. But, I guess indietronic's close enough! UHH, as they're known to fans, are made up of two members;
  • Camila Grey, an amazingly talented musician, formerly of Mellowdrone, and bass and keyboard player for everyone from Busta Rhymes to Kelly Osbourne.
  • Leisha Hailey, wonderful musician and actress. Best known for her role as Alice Pieszecki on 'The L Word', and as a member of 'The Murmurs'.

Why I love Uh Huh Her:

There are many reasons I love UHH;
  • their lyrics are amazing
  • music is annoyingly catchy
  • they're so chilled out
  • they love unicorns :)
  • they have style!
  • their merchandise is the best going
They're an amazing and sweet band. They even sent autographed pictures to fans because they're album was released late. They're super cool and, honestly, there's no reason to not love them. Plus, to top it off, they're both stunning!

What's next for Uh Huh Her?:
With their record deal, and sell out tours, I'd say conquering the world!
Their music is being played more and more on TV shows, and I can see these girls getting very successful, very soon!

What I'd like to see happen to Uh Huh Her:
Become wildly successful of course, but not lose touch of the real fans! *I'm talking to you, Ms. Bedingfield*
And I'd like to see them play in the UK, somewhere other than London, and not a 18+ show, if it's not too much to ask girlies!