Wednesday 23 December 2009


I decided to write a "50 facts about myself" list.
Consider it a review of myself, as I'm typing up the new "Love of the Week" blog.

1. I like my cat way more than I like you

2. I’d quite happily live on ginger biscuits

3. My favourite drink is lemon water.

4. Whenever I drink lemon water, I feel the urge to say “why you eyein’ my lemon drink?”

5. There are at least three films that I could easily quote all the way through. Without prompting.

6. I always think I don’t like my family, until I am around them.

7. If you have ginger hair, I’ll automatically want to speak to you.

8. My natural instinct is to dislike people, and you have to prove me wrong when I meet you.

9. If Munchausen By Proxy were a real band, I would quit education and become a full time groupie.

10. I can’t hear the word “salty” without thinking of Jennifer’s Body, and more specifically, Megan Fox.

11. I actually care about politics, although quite frankly, I’m struggling to find anybody who I will vote for when I turn 18.

12. I’m vegetarian on alternate years (only because my mother will not allow this all the time.)

13. I keep trying to be healthy, but I’m the laziest person I know.

14. I don’t like Simon Amstell. At all.

15. If you say bad things about anyone I admire, I will fully argue with you.

16. There are only three reasons I ever cry.

17. One of those reasons is animal abuse/ neglect. I’m not sharing the other two.

18. I’ve been waiting to get my tattoo for a really long time, but I’m a complete wuss.

19. I can manage to find at least one song I like by every band or artist you could name. Yes, every one.

20. Cats are my favourite animals, but I feel like that’s not cool enough, so I generally tell people my second favourite is my number one.

21. My second favourite animal is a Koala. If you call it a Koala Bear, I will not be pleased.

22. If you make a Twilight reference when I tell you my name is Rosalie, I will be very tempted not to speak to you ever again.

23. Bones is actually my favourite TV show. For so many reasons.

24. I am still annoyed at the cancellations of Arrested Development, Veronica Mars and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

25. I care far too much about TV.

26. The Wizard of Oz is pretty much my favourite film.

27. I did all my Christmas shopping this year in 45 minutes. Score.

28. I’d rather listen to Garbage or She & Him than any other band.

29. I recently discovered The Zombies, and quite honestly, I love them.

30. I love Soy Vanilla Lattes, because I am a pretentious LA-style snob.

31. I plan to one day, be an official pretentious LA snob.

32. I would rather have been born about 10 years earlier than I was.

33. I have far too many celebrity obsessions/crushes.

34. I could talk for hours about the fact that it would be impossible for paper to beat rock.

35. Every time I see a manhole in the road, I think of Ninja Turtles.

36. Every Christmas present I’ve bought this year is utterly ridiculous.

37. I’m insanely proud of fact #36

38. I can’t sleep in a different room to my iPod. I’m not 100% sure why.

39. “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service, “A Rose For Emily” by The Zombies, “Vow” by Garbage, “Sentimental Heart” by She & Him and “I’m Still Breathing” by Katy Perry are my favourite songs ever.

40. I seriously adore Catherine Tate.

41. I spend too much of my time on the Internet, when I could be doing useful things.

42. I don’t ever do useful things.

43. I take English Language & Literature, Film Studies, Psychology and History A Levels. I fucking hate History.

44. People who can’t spell annoy me. I don’t care if it’s not your fault, it will still annoy me.

45. The one thing I hate more than anything, is when people use the word “ignorant” to mean rude. However, the irony amuses me.

46. I refuse to ever be ashamed of anything I like. This goes for music, TV, film etc.

47. I have the worst laugh ever.

48. I enjoy singing badly. Which is good, because I’m unable to sing well.

49. Right now, I feel the urge to watch Not Another Teen Movie.

50. This was far too difficult. I’m pretty sure I should be able to come up with 50 Facts about myself.

oh, and a 51st, just because...

51. My best friend is the only person I make advance plans with, and intend to actually keep them.

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